Saturday, June 12, 2010

tattoo sketches for new show!

these are some of the early sketches for a show I'm doing around November at Gallery 6 in San Francisco. the idea is to have kind of parodies of the flash art you see on walls on tattoo parlors and kind of make fun of a lot of cliches in tattoo designs, while also just drawing some weird shit. these are only the first things I drew when I came up with the concept. Nothing is really hammered out, not even the date or the second artist who's going to exhibit with me, but lets just say that this has the potential to be incredible. we might even have a guy giving out free tattoos of my designs on opening night (hopefully)! one again its too early to say anything for sure but I wanted to post this up because I wanted to get some ideas/input about the project. also, since no parody is successful without a understanding of the subject I want to look through a bunch of examples of tattoo art from the best of the tat game for inspiration as well as style options. anyone got some good artists to suggest? please hit me up if you have any suggestions positive or otherwise.
P.S. Slurricane II is coming along slowly but surely. soon I'll be updating at regular pace again. plan for around August for all this malarkey to be over with.


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